Air Jordan VI Maroon

Air Jordan VI Maroon

Nike Air On The Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” Makes For The Perfect Holiday Release

Sure, the Air Jordan 11 “72-10” will undoubtedly be the Holiday 2015 release to lineup for given the close proximity of the release date to...

By Patrick Johnson December 4, 2015

Remember, The Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” Releases In Kids Sizes Too

The fact that Nike Air is back on an Air Jordan 6 is reason enough to go and grab the pair, but Jordan Brand really...

By Patrick Johnson December 3, 2015

Jordan Brand Remasters Retros With Nike Air

When Jordan Brand announced that it would be remastering all retros to ensure a quality and traditionalism that the Jumpman was known for back when...

By Patrick Johnson December 2, 2015

Joe Haden’s Got Quite The Impressive Air Jordan Shelf Storage Right Now

Joe Haden is already a well-documented sneakerhead. He has his own sneaker consignment shop in Cleveland and inked a deal with Jordan Brand to help represent...

By Patrick Johnson November 13, 2015

Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” Release Is Confirmed

When the Air Jordan 6 was celebrating its Jordan birthday (that’s a 23 year anniversary for those uninformed) the fact that the 1991 lifestyle classic...

By Patrick Johnson November 11, 2015

Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” Will Release In Kids Sizes

It’s been over 23 years since the Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” released. One of the last original colorways to not see a proper retro, Jordan...

By Patrick Johnson October 19, 2015

Nike Air Branding Returns This December With The Air Jordan 6 “Maroon”

The Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” will return to retail shelves for this first time since 1991 on December 5th, 2015. The retro is one of...

By Patrick Johnson October 12, 2015

Jordan Brand Is Doing Something It Hasn’t Done In Fifteen Years

Yes, it’s been twenty four years since the Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” hit stores. But we’re a lot more pleased with a feature of the...

By John Kim July 9, 2015

Air Jordan 6 “Maroon” Is Back With Nike Air

Better late than never, right? Finally, for the first time in history, Jordan Brand will re-release the Air Jordan 6 “Maroon”, an original release from...

By John Kim July 9, 2015