Converse Aero Jam

Converse Aero Jam

Converse Brings Back The Classic Aero Jam With A Twist

Converse has been re-working some of their classic ’90s hoop shoes as of late, and after turning their Voltage into the new VLTG they’ve now...

By Ross Dwyer August 30, 2019

Is This The Converse Aero Jam “Chinese New Year”?

Remember that Converse Aero Jam “Liquid Gold” that showed up earlier in the month? It’s great to see Converse taking stock in its early-90s basketball...

By Patrick Johnson January 28, 2015

Converse Aero Jam “Liquid Gold”

Converse brought back Larry Johnson’s infamous Grandmama campaign last year with the Converse Aero-Jam. While the classic Americana brand definitely revitalized its hoops like with...

By Patrick Johnson January 23, 2015

Converse “Space Invader” Pack

The Tune Squad was lacking in the height department, so much so that Michael Jordan had to face off against Shawn Bradley’s Monstar doppelg√§nger for...

By Patrick Johnson November 20, 2014

Converse Aero Jam – White – Black

Earlier in the year we were introduced to a bevy of Converse Aero Jam retros, some of which held that classic Charlotte Hornets aesthetic for...

By Patrick Johnson August 19, 2014

Converse Aero Jam – Black – Grey – White

The Converse Aero Jam is one of those All-Star brand retro models that doesn’t necessarily get all the props it deserves. The shoe infamous for...

By Patrick Johnson July 23, 2014

Converse Aero Jam – Blue – Red – White

The Converse Aero Jam has been a bit quieter in 2014 than many of us expected. The Converse Weapon has kind of been stealing the...

By Brendan Dunne July 4, 2014

Converse Aero Jam – Black – Grey – White

A retro release that isn’t getting nearly as much love as it should be is the Converse Aero Jam. The shoes first came back to...

By John Kim June 9, 2014

Converse Fall/Holiday 2014 Footwear Preview

Last week we spent a decent amount of time showing you what was coming from the Converse CONS Weapon line up, and now we’ve got...

By Brendan Dunne June 2, 2014