Converse Chuck 70 Converse Chuck 70

Converse Chuck 70

Among one of the most timeless sneakers of all time, the Converse Chuck Taylor is as pivotal today as it was back during its debut. Though pivoted away from basketball, the silhouette has achieved new — and arguably more potent — success as the brand’s current flagship lifestyle shoe.

A mainstay in all senses of the word, the Chuck Taylor was a veritable icon due to its connections to counter culture. Names like Kurt Cobain among others wore the shoe near exclusively, and avid fans quickly followed suit as a result. Now, though Converse ownership has shifted into the hands of Nike, the silhouette is still just as popular. And thanks to the Swoosh’s attention to quality, the silhouette has since evolved into the Chuck 70, a higher quality variant that has been redressed by names like CDG Play, Off-White, UNDERCOVER, and many others.

The Converse Chuck 70 in its Low-Top shape currently retails for $80 USD; the High-Top complement, however, sells for slightly more at $85 USD. Collaborations as well as special editions, as always, will be sold at a small to large premium.

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