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Like with any collectible item, when it comes to sneakers, there are countless different types of collectors with varying tastes and areas of focus. If you have a little money to spend, it’s not that difficult to put together a decent sneaker collection, but since the early days of the culture, it’s always been about having what the next man didn’t and nowadays, that’s harder to do than ever. With the sneaker industry booming in recent years, getting your hands on the shoes you want has become an increasingly harrowing process, but while large crowds amass to get their hands on the latest new release each weekend, many seasoned collectors have chosen to go a different route altogether.

Rare samples, limited editions, and player exclusives have been around for a good while, but with so many sharks now in the water, demand for these gems has grown exponentially and the market values have reflected the thirst. For some collectors though, that’s the next logical step when the mass appeal general releases no

longer do it for them and putting together an arsenal of rare treasures becomes something of an art. We’ve seen so many great collections at this point that we’re generally not really wowed unless we see the types of shoes that nobody else has.

For New York collector, Gerald Morales, that’s not a problem. Better known to the sneaker game as BikeManX or PE Gee, Gerald has been at it for years compiling a killer stockpile of drool-worthy  rarities across a number of brands and genres. Above them all, his true love is the Air Force 1 and his collection surely reflects that passion, but for now, we’re giving you a look at some of his other prized pairs. Enjoy this look at some of BikeManX’s personal favorites with a gallery of heat that barely scratches the surface of what’s hidden in all those boxes. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon, featuring an in-depth journey into one of the most impressive AF1 collections you’ll ever see.

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