Was It The Shoes?

Was It The Shoes?

Michael Jordan Wins Fourth NBA Championship on Father’s Day

Family influence and guidance assumes a major role in shaping the career trajectory of a young player, but no player in perhaps the history of...

By John Kim December 6, 2012

Michael Jordan’s First Game Against Scottie Pippen

For as long as we can remember, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were a “Batman and Robin” partnership – without the tragedy, power struggles, character...

By John Kim November 29, 2012

Michael Jordan Scores Career High 69 Points

Michael Jordan was a nightmare for pretty much every other team that wasn’t in Chicago – particularly the teams that were aligned in the Central...

By John Kim November 15, 2012

Michael Jordan Blocks Ron Mercer

The art of “sonning” is achieved without planning or preparation – it just happens if you’ve got that natural bravado in you. There have been...

By John Kim November 8, 2012

Michael Jordan Makes Key Pass To Steve Kerr In 1997 Finals

: Was It The Shoes? has focused on the many great shots and scoring outputs Michael has produced over his career, but Jordan certainly...

By John Kim November 1, 2012

Michael Jordan’s Last Game at Madison Square Garden as a Chicago Bull

It’s the magical aura of New York City that brings out the extra ‘umph’ from within. Ask any baller and he or she will attest...

By John Kim October 25, 2012

Michael Jordan Named 1988 Defensive Player of the Year

Michael Jordan is remembered for many of his achievements. NBA Championships, team ownership, and scoring titles are the “sexy” categories of what he’s managed to...

By John Kim October 18, 2012

Michael Jordan Scores 63 Points Against the Boston Celtics

What sort of emotions run through a man’s head when he’s sitting on top of a gold mine, but doesn’t know it? The answer would...

By John Kim October 11, 2012

Michael Jordan Switches Hands in Mid-Air

The “Was It The Shoes?” features tonight with another dissection of Michael’s most memorable moments of his career. We’ve covered his All-Star Game...

By John Kim October 4, 2012