SBTG x Methamphibian x Source – Damage Inc. + Varsity Bones

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The sneaker game’s two most renowned customizers have teamed up once again for an exciting new project. SBTG and Methamphibian have joined forces one more time to create four new sneakers to celebrate the grand opening of Source’s new store in Beijing. Included in the collection are two different concepts that both center around the theme of the eternal battle between men. The Varsity Bones series has already been launched, creating Dunk models for fictional underdog teams. For this latest project, two new Varsity Bones Dunk High designs have been produced, one known as “Red Fury” and the other dubbed “Sly Bones.”

The other concept is Damage Inc., a militaristic theme that is applied to two Dunk Low 6.o models. The Basilisk and Obsidian Viper colorways are similar to each other, but there are some subtle differences in the patterns used on the upper. Keep reading for images and more info on all four and be advised that both the Damage Inc. and Varsity Bones Dunks will be dropping as part of the Source Beijing grand opening event on September 4th.




VARSITY BONES is the latest chapter in SBTG’s ongoing celebration of the timeless Nike Dunk. Introduced in 1985 through some of the most storied teams in college basketball, the Dunk takes on a new twist with two limited versions that celebrate the underdogs, the misfits, the teams that were never formed and never got to play in the big leagues. The shoes are based on two fictitious rival gangs who love to play basketball but never get picked to play for their schools because of their colorful reputations as delinquents.

VARSITY BONES takes a step back in its aesthetic approach, using clean and simple color blocks to give the shoes a nostalgic 80’s feel. Each design come in 12 pairs only, representing one of the rival gangs who have opposing ideologies. The red and black Dunk is based on the ‘fierce warrior’ persona of the ‘RED FURY’ gang, a group of misfits who insist on settling everything by sheer power and brute force. The black and purple Dunk is inspired by the ‘SLY BONES’ gang, cunning tacticians who believe that manipulation and deception make things more fun. Forever intertwined by their love for basketball, their blood feud rages on.




DAMAGE INC. is Methamphibian’s fictitious take on a futuristic, politically-relevant “war-for-profit” concept that thrives in a world where war has become big business. A world where war is no longer about territory, ideals or tyranny but has now generated a legitimate economic market where stocks are traded in bullets. Where national militaries are no longer needed but in their place, independent Para-military corporations are called upon to provide their services on per-hire contracts.

DAMAGE INC. will unveil two new limited versions of the iconic Nike Dunk, featuring new hand-painted digital camo patterns and custom embroidered accents. Each model represents a competing Para-military team, both hell-bent on dominating their respective global markets and increasing their own market shares, with their mission objectives coming in second. ‘OBSIDIAN VIPER’ is based on an arctic environment camouflage colorway, inspired by a team that is all about overwhelming strength and firepower, always equipped with the latest in heavy weaponry. ‘Basilisk’ is based on a Black Ops night camouflage colorway, representing a special unit that employs stealth and strategy and uses deadly force from within the shadows.

The collection is a crossover from Methamphibian’s custom 12″ action figure line and will lead to the introduction of new figure characters in the near future.

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