adidas Transform Pack – Stan Smith + Superstar

adidas Transform Pack – Stan Smith + Superstar


Introducing the reversible coat of sneakers: the new adidas Transform Pack.  Both of the shoes in this duo allow you to radically change their look by taking off some parts to reveal a similar, yet different look.  With the Stan Smith midtops, they come in off the streets wearing all black leather, but you can zipper off the upper to reveal a lowtop Stan Smith 80s.  Not just a different color, but practically a whole different shoe!

There’s also a pair of Superstar II shell-toes, which are a bit subtler in their change.  Instead of the entire upper, these just let you un-velcro the grey tongue to reveal an aqua that matches the laces and sockliner.  Buy one, get two, buy two, get four; it’s a pretty awesome deal, complete with good style from Extra Butter.











Stansmith80tf Eb 2 570x427

Stansmith80tf Eb 1 570x427

Stansmith80tf Eb 3 570x213

Stansmith80tf Eb 4 570x436

Stansmith80tf Eb 5 570x570

Superstar80tf Eb 1 570x427

Superstar80tf Eb 2 570x427

Superstar80tf Eb 3 570x213

Superstar80tf Eb 4 570x570

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