97 Pair Air Jordan Retro Collection on eBay

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If you’re new to the Air Jordan game, you probably have a whole lot of catching up to do. With nearly every original Air Jordan already gone through the Retro cycle (with a few making several comebacks), the available options to build your Air Jordan collection could keep you busy for months – or you can cop this sick 97-pair collection in one fell swoop. This particular lot includes only the Air Jordan 1 through Air Jordan XIII in sizes 10.5-11.0, but nearly every pair brand spankin’ new and there’s some serious heat in here (’94 Retros, Eminem IIs, the original DMP, etc.). The asking price, however, is at $45,000, which boils down to $463.92 per pair, but the comfort of completing a sick library of Air Jordans in just one click might be too tempting if you have that sort of dough to spare (free shipping, though). Check out the entire collection below, and be sure to check the full listing from babiiicakes26 on eBay.

1-’94 retro I white/ black-red DS sz 10.5
2-retro 1 “old love” DS sz 11
3-retro 1 “new love” DS sz 11
4-’01 retro I black/ red DS sz 10.5
5-’01 retro I royal blue/ black DS sz 11
6-’01 metallic silver/ midnight navy- white DS sz 11
7-’03 patent leather white/ black- varsity red DS sz 10.5
8-’03 patent leather white/ Carolina blue DS sz 10.5
9-’03 patent leather black/ metallic gold DS sz 11
10-retro II Eminem “The Way I am” Black /stealth DS sz 10.5 (shirt included)
11-’02 retro II white/black-red DS sz 10.5
12-’03 retro III white/ cement grey DS sz 10.5
13-’01 retro III black/ cement grey DS sz 10.5
14-’11 retro III white/ cement grey (worn twice) sz 10.5
15-retro III “black cats” DS sz 10.5
16-retro III “flip” DS sz 10.5
17-’11 retro III “true blues” DS sz 10.5
18-’11 retro III black cement/grey DS sz 10.5
19-’99 retro IV white/ cement grey DS sz 10.5 (shoe box says sz 10 but the shoes are sz 10.5)
20-’99 retro IV black/ cement grey DS sz 10.5
21-’12 retro IV white/cement grey DS sz 10.5
22- retro IV “mars blackmon” (worn 5x) sz 10.5
23- retro IV black laser RA DS sz 10.5
24- retro IV white laser DS sz 11 (hat and shirt included)
25-’99 retro IV “oreo” DS sz 11
26-retro IV “Lightning” DS sz 10.5 (includes shirt)
27-retro IV “black cats” DS sz 10.5 (poster included)
28- retro IV “cool grey” (worn 3x) sz 10.5
29-’12 retro IV white/black-red DS sz 11
30-’11 retro V black-metallic silver DS sz 10.5
31-retro BIN V Premio DS sz 10.5
32-retro V “raging bull” red suede DS sz 10.5
33-retro V “raging bull” black 3M DS sz 10.5
34-retro V “wolf grey” DS sz 10.5
35-retro V black/university blue LS 4/10 (wearable) sz 10.5
36-Retro V laser RA DS sz 10.5
37-’99 retro V black/ metallic silver DS sz 10.5
38-’06 retro V “grapes” DS sz 10.5
39-’00 V “laney high” DS sz 10.5
40-’99 retro V white/ fire red DS sz 10.5
41-retro V white/ metallic silver DS sz 10.5
42-’00 retro VI “Olympic” midnight navy DS sz 10.5
43-retro VI “motorsports” DS sz 11
44-’00 retro VI “Infrared” (worn 10x VNDS, great condition) sz 10.5
45-’12 retro VI “Olympic” DS sz 10.5
46-retro VI white/ white midnight navy DS sz 11
47-retro VI DMP
48-CDP VI “Carmines” (worn 8x) sz 10.5
49-’10 retro VI white/infrared DS sz 10.5
50-’10 retro VI black/infrared DS sz 10.5
51- Gold Medal Pack retro VI DS sz 10.5
52- Gold Medal Pack retro VII DS sz 10.5
53- retro VII CDP “hares” DS sz 10.5
54-’11 retro VII “Bordeaux” (worn 3 times) sz 10.5
55- retro VII “chambray” DS sz 10.5
56-’04 retro VII “Olympics” DS sz 10.5
57-’02 retro VII white/ French blue DS sz 10.5
58-’02 retro VII black / true red DS sz 10.5
59- retro VIII “aquas” DS sz 11
60-retro VIII “playoffs” (worn 4x) sz11
61-retro VIII black/chrome DS sz 11
62-’02 retro IX “flint grey” DS sz 10.5 (missing retro card)
63-’02 retro IX “cool grey” (worn twice) sz 10.5 (alternate box and missing retro card)
64-’02 retro IX “olive” DS sz 11
65-retro IX photo blue/black DS sz 10.5
66-retro X white/ice blue DS sz 11
67-retro X steel grey DS sz 11
68-CDP X (worn 8x) VVNDS sz 11
69-retro X “stealth” (worn 5x) sz 10.5
70-retro X “Chicago” (worn 1x) VVVVVNDS sz 10.5
71-’00 retro XI white / Columbia blue DS sz 10.5
72-’00 retro XI “cool grey” (worn once, could pass as DS) sz 10.5
73-’01 retro XI “bred/playoffs” DS sz 11
74-CDP XI “bred/playoffs” DS sz 11
75-’11 retro XI “concords” (worn 1x) VVVVNDS sz 10.5
76-retro XI “silver anniversary” white/ white DS sz 10.5
77-’10 retro XI “cool grey” DS sz 10.5
78-DMP XI DS sz 10.5
79-’00 retro XI “space jam” (worn 1x can pass as DS) sz 11
80-’00 retro XI “concords” DS sz 11
81-retro XII “playoffs” black/ white DS sz 10.5
82-’09 retro XII white/ varsity red (worn 3x) sz 10.5
83-’03 retro XII white/grey DS sz 10.5
84-CDP XII “taxi” DS sz 11
85-retro XII white/ French blue DS sz 10.5
86-’12 retro XII “obsidian” DS sz 10.5
87-’03 retro XII black/ varsity red DS sz 10.5
88-’03 retro XII “nubuck” black/ blue DS sz 10.5 ( hat and hoodie included)
89-retro XIII white/ grey- university blue DS sz 11
90-retro XIII black/ varsity red DS sz 11
91-retro XIII “grey toes” red/white (some bleeding worn 5x) sz 10.5
92-CDP XIII (worn 8x) sz 11
93-retro XIII white/wheat sz DS sz 10.5
94-’11 retro XIII black-vibrant yellow “playoffs” (worn 10x) sz 10.5
95-’11 retro XIII white/ varsity red (worn 4x) sz 10.5
96-’05 retro XIII “Altitudes” DS sz 11
97-’05 retro XIII flint grey/ white DS sz 11

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