Jordan 101

Jordan 101 is a comprehensive series detailing the history of Air Jordan sneakers. Read below to learn unique facts and trivia about Air Jordan shoes.

Jordan 101

Jordan 101: The Air Jordan VIII, Strapped With Nostalgia

In 1993 Nike released the Air Jordan VIII, culminating the end of the first epoch of Michael Jordan’s career and sneaker line. The post-Three-Peat, pre-first-retirement,...

By Zack Schlemmer December 17, 2015

Jordan 101: Is the Air Jordan XI the Greatest Sneaker Ever?

If there is one Air Jordan model that the average non-sneaker-loving joe on the street can identify, it’s probably the Air Jordan XI. There’s no...

By Zack Schlemmer December 10, 2015

Jordan 101: The Air Jordan VI and its Historic Appeal

By 1990, the amazing designs of the Air Jordan III, IV, and V propelled Michael Jordan’s signature line to the most popular and coveted sneakers...

By Zack Schlemmer December 3, 2015

Jordan 101: The Air Jordan XX3 Defines Greatness

When the greatest basketball player ever with the most revered signature shoe line ever wears #23, the number that has become the most iconic number...

By Zack Schlemmer November 19, 2015

Jordan 101 : Air Jordan XVIII and Michael Jordan’s Curtain Call

To the delight of basketball fans across the globe, Michael Jordan was back for more in 2001 after deciding to give it a go with...

By Zack Schlemmer November 12, 2015

Jordan 101: Choose Your Flight With the Air Jordan 2011

Jordan Brand seemed to focus on the performance aspect of the flagship Air Jordan even more than ever with the techy Air Jordan 2010. Many...

By Zack Schlemmer November 5, 2015

Jordan 101: The Hypersonic Air Jordan XV

The Last Shot was taken, and Michael Jordan was again retired from the game of basketball in 1999—seemingly for good. But with the founding of...

By Zack Schlemmer October 29, 2015

Jordan 101: The Legendary Air Jordan IV

The third time was definitely a charm when it came to the Air Jordan line back in 1988. But could designer Tinker Hatfield and Nike...

By Zack Schlemmer October 22, 2015

Jordan 101: Flight Reaches a New Level in the Air Jordan XX8

We’re only two years removed from its release, but in this latest edition of Jordan 101, it’s already time to take a look back at...

By Zack Schlemmer October 15, 2015