FILA 95: Return of the “Grant Hill 1”

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July 22, 2013

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sn select fila 95 grant hill 1 3 FILA 95: Return of the “Grant Hill 1”


It would be unfair to say that the Grant Hill 1 is completely unlike anything that came before it. There are some pretty obvious design cues unmistakably inspired by the Air Jordan IX, but despite some general similarities, the first Grant Hill shoe still managed to break some new ground in the realm of basketball shoes. With a lower pricepoint than an Air Jordan, the Grant Hill 1 offered a more affordable, yet still enticing alternative to consumers who wanted to rep the shoes of one of their favorite players.

The Grant Hill 1 debuted a unique closure system with wide gillies running the length of the shoe for a custom fit and various options for lacing. Aside from the technical innovations in the construction, the ultimate standout feature of the shoe was the extra large Fila branding on the side of the outsole – a concept that soon went into heavy rotation as the brand continued to explore the possibilities of incorporating bold graphic elements on their soles while still maintaining optimum traction and flexibility.

sn select fila 95 grant hill 1 25 FILA 95: Return of the “Grant Hill 1”

sn select fila 95 grant hill 1 21 FILA 95: Return of the “Grant Hill 1”


haha, jordan swaggin in the X's


nice work fila! the all black pair looks very dope!


hopefully they don't really move the logo on the navy pair for no reason tho... i'm just nitpicking tho don't mind me


Exactly what i been waiting for. Damn 94-97 kicks were the ish.

J Hayz
J Hayz

the wht/navy is considered copped. these the joints i been waiting for.


thats what im talking bout sn give real sneakerheads that real stuff great editorial and pics and just might buy my first filas ever not ever getting these in gradeschool

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