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Big Sean and Sneaker News Talk adidas “Detroit Player” & More

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Big Sean’s acute sense of style has been documented by hip-hop publications and urban fashion radars for years, and last December, we finally got a chance to experience his personal taste’s with the release of Detroit Player – a footwear collaboration with adidas Originals  that paid tribute to his roots as well as the iconic status of the Pro Model. During adidas Originals’ launch event of the adidas Originals Collective by Footaction, Sneaker News and special guest Big Sean got to chat about shoes, style, the future of his partnership with adidas, and more.

Of course, this was after the star spent a lengthy time posing for photos and signing autographs for his devoted fans, but even then, the G.O.O.D. Music member was ready, prepared, and willing to give us his insights. As  the legendary DMC of Run DMC stated during a quick chat at the event, adidas style isn’t meant to be untouchable, but for the every-day person who wants to live that lifestyle, and given Big Sean’s thoughts during our chat, that mindset of unity and not exclusivity is certainly consistent.

Sneaker News: First off – a belated congratulations on the release of the Detroit Player Pro Model.

Big Sean: Yeah, it was great. People went crazy about them and i’m happy to have played a role in that.

SN: Before we talk about that shoe and future projects, how about those leopard-print low-top Superstars and the other Snakeskin Pro Models you had on in those videos from a couple of years ago?

B: Yeah, yeah (smiles and nods). Those were something a little special for me, just something that adidas whipped up. But i’m glad the red ones dropped.

SN: They were incredibly popular, and right now people are paying almost a thousand dollars for them.

B: Yeah they’re going for a rack right now. And these (points to the black Pro Model sample on his feet) are supposed to come out later – these are more like prototypes, but it’s something a lot like this. These are going to be on a little more of larger scale and not be as exclusive.

SN: Is it going to be plain, or will we see a return of those gold details?

B: Yeah, definitely some details but mainly, it’s going to be more available. Not only that, we’re also going to design shoes – like new models and not just special versions of the Originals.

SN: The momentum is definitely there considering the Detroit Player was one of the best adidas releases in recent memory, but how about an apparel line?

B: Yeah man – clothes, shoes, we’re thinking about doing all sorts of things and bring back some nice cut-and-sew pieces with things like leathers and other sorts of things. Really exciting.

SN: So DMC of Run DMC is in the building and what he said regarding the “future” of adidas and the celebrity icons that are now on the reins is that he has a lot of pride and confidence in you and Teyana Taylor and so forth. Is there any pressure on your part to live up to that legendary Run DMC name?

B: No, not really – I don’t feel any pressure at all. It’s an honor more than anything – to be with such a classic brand and with people who know what they’re doing. You know, they feature me on large-scale ads and such, so I got so much love for them [adidas]. I still like Jordans, I like Timberlands, I like Nike and all that, but adidas – I love them. For me, adidas is the best. It’s tight to be with the best brand.

SN: What’s the adidas scene out in Detroit?

B: In Detroit? It’s everywhere. Worldwide – people who aren’t even really in tune with urban culture are wearing adidas. It’s a monster, you know. There are no limits and it’s surpassing everything. You recognize it everywhere.

SN: Sneakers tell individual stories, like the Superstar representing the “realness” of Run DMC and how they wore on stage what the y wore in real life. What’s the story told by the Detroit Player?

B: The Detroit Player tells a story about coming from a city that has a reputation of soul, a city that people aren’t known to make it out of, and to show people that it’s real [referring to his success]. It’s hard to make it out in Detroit, it’s hard to make it out in Houston, out of Dallas, our of Iowa, out of Florida, Atlanta…but you know “hard work” is “hard work” anywhere. It is for my city, but it can be used on a larger scale for anybody that has that dream – that’s something i’ve been touching on heavily in my new album.

SN: That’s something a lot of people are looking forward to after the success of Cruel Summer. People are saying “Oh God” every five seconds.

B: (Laughs) Hahah yeah that’s awesome. You gotta get that Detroit mix-tape too man.

SN: It’ll be on our playlist soon for sure. So in closing – is there anything not so obvious about the Detroit Player design? Like a hidden Easter Egg you put in on your own?

B: Nothing is really hidden, except maybe what’s printed on the inside, but I just made sure everything I wanted was in there. You know adidas played a big role in the design – it wasn’t just me – and I told them what I was looking for, they came back with a concept, and we both came to something that we both agreed on. The next one is really more of my vision, but the Detroit Player was something that we [he and the adidas designers] really collaborated on.

SN: I think people are ready for what’s next for adidas and Big Sean, don’t you think?

B: Definitely. I can’t wait.

A huge thanks to Big Sean and adidas Originals. Continue reading for a look at the all-new adidas Originals Collective by Footaction.

Additional Photography courtesy  of Bob Levey

adidas Originals and Footaction team up for a one-of-a-kind retail collaboration that combines the supreme products of the adidas Originals line with Footaction’s reputation as one of the most respected purveyors of footwear and apparel in the world. This unique brand concept features a special are dedicated to the brand’s Originals label, with the first location opening up in Houston, TX during the 2013 All-Star Weekend. A total of five adidas Originals Collective by Footaction locations will open by year’s end, so check out the images of this amazing retail space below and stay tuned to Sneaker News for more updates on this development.

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