When it comes to the Air Jordan 1, it doesn’t get any better than the original colorways. In 2018 Jordan Brand seemed to realize that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, and got the formula for successful new colorways perfected: new hues presented in an OG-inspired block. Take a look at every one of the most hyped Air Jordan 1s this year, from “Pine Green” to the “Not For Resale” pack, and you’ll observe that each is reminiscent of a classic look for the silhouette. It seems that the brand has found the perfect solution to re-releasing the same coveted OG colorways over and over: just release new ones that look almost exactly the same.

Once upon a time the Air Jordan 1 was the brand’s “untouchable” model, off limits for any would-be collaborators working with the Jumpman. By 2018 things have obviously changed. Dave White and Lance Mountain have both presented thoroughly unique takes on the Air Jordan 1 in the past, but starting with Virgil Abloh and his Air Jordan 1 from “The Ten” collection in 2017, high-profile collaborators have now even been able to deconstruct, scuff up, and chop apart the silhouette into new creations all their own. Few collaborations (of any shoe) this year have been more talked about and sought after than Abloh’s follow-up “White” and “UNC” colorways, Nigel Sylvester’s pre-dirtied and distressed construction, and Union LA’s amazing “chop and sew” pack of the Air Jordan 1. All three fresh new constructions were eaten up by sneaker collectors, and were the cornerstones of the model’s biggest year ever.

Along with all the impressive men’s colorways released, the Air Jordan 1 also had its biggest year ever for women. Recognizing that the ladies also need top-par releases, Jordan Brand pushed the women’s category for multiple models like never before throughout 2018, and no releases were more notable than those for the Air Jordan 1. In fact, one of the most hyped colorways of the silhouette all year, the “Satin Shattered Backboard,” was exclusively for women. One of the highest profile collaborations from Jordan Brand for the year was also only for the ladies, with the historic Vogue “AWOK” set featuring a luxurious take on the Air Jordan 1 High Zip in striking cream and red leather colorways. Elsewhere, the silhouette got twisted for the unique Rebel XX iteration, which was also designed specifically for women and presented the model with a bold fashion-inspired makeover. With a stronger than ever showing for the shoe for women in 2018, the Air Jordan 1s status as sneaker of the year was strengthened even further.