Retracing Steps: How Travis Scott Became The Superstar Of The People

Travis Scott Lead Select1

Travis Scott’s rise to the top of the pop culture pantheon has been either surgically tactical or entirely by luck. His career was a piece by piece build so gradual that most seem to forget exactly where La Flame was lit, and although things tend to naturally fall into place for the hard-working and talented, none of his spoils were handouts. Aside from his affiliations in the music world and his romantic relationship the most prolific cosmetics-pusher on the planet, Travis Scott has garnered immense appeal to youth culture because he can authentically relate to the generation of self-starters. Young adults across the globe have ditched their bomber jackets, bunched pant legs, and knit-uppered kicks for baggier torn jeans, skate shoes, and short-braided hairstyles. Long evening hours are spent playing Fortnite. At the Toyota Center, he sits court-side during the Playoffs and pulls up painfully awkward jump-shots during charity games. Simply put, Travis is a superstar of the people.
Today, Sneaker News launches the first of its Retracing Steps series by diving deep into the timelines of the most relevant and influential needle-movers in sneakers, fashion, and pop-culture. Travis Scott has checked off an insane number of boxes over the years, and his upcoming performance at the Super Bowl LIII Half-Time Show is just another notch in the belt that will tighten the grip of his status. Is Travis the biggest rap star on the planet? That’s for you to decide, but let’s take a look at just how it happened.


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