Reebok Imagines Shaq As A Tennis Player With The Shaq Victory Pump

Reebok Imagines Shaq As A Tennis Player With The Shaq Victory Pump

With Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson popularizing the two-sport professional athlete in the 80s and 90s, it was always fun to imagine other athletic stars dominating other sports. Playing in the NFL and the MLB seems like an ideal scenario given that the physical requirements of each sport as well as the season schedules seem to lend well to another. That’s also why we never saw an NBA player wear shoulder pads and helmets in the NFL.

However, tennis seems to be a possibility. There isn’t as much of an overlap in terms of season obligations, and given the non-contact and high cardio nature of the game, playing in both the NBA and the ATP would be reasonable. Now, picture yourself serving to (or being served from) a 7’1″ 300+ lb. behemoth named Shaquille O’neal. 90’s Shaq has the lateral mobility, size, and agility to cover a lot of ground, although a standard tennis racket would look like a ping-pong paddle in his hands.

Reebok went ahead and imagined this two-sport dominance in shoe form by unleashing an impressive hybrid model called the Shaq Victory Pump; it features the Shaq Attaq upper and the sole of the Court Victory Pump, with some awesome details that tell the story of the crossover. First, the Pump mechanism is half basketball, half tennis ball. Next, the altered Shaq logo, which typically depicts the four-time champion dunking on a rim, now features the NBA legend serving.

This new hybrid mash-up of two classics is currently scheduled to release on February 17th for $180; see the official images ahead.

In other Reebok news, the Reebok Twilight Zone is officially back in ts OG white/black colorway.


Reebok Shaq Victory Pump

SKU: H06494
RELEASE DATE: Feb 17, 2023

US 02/17/2023 Friday

Retailer Release type Status
Reebok US Standard Check Site
Foot Locker Standard Check Site

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