• Aaron’s “Sponges, Dominoes, Butterflies” Philosophy

  • Aaron’s “Sponges, Dominoes, Butterflies” Philosophy

  • Aaron’s “Sponges, Dominoes, Butterflies” Philosophy

  • Aaron’s “Sponges, Dominoes, Butterflies” Philosophy

  • One of Aaron’s Initial Drawings

  • Aaron Cooper’s drawing of the concept shoe

  • Evolution of Aaron’s “blue sky” concept to final product

  • Nike Shox Stunner Retail Version

  • Tech Pack Drawings

  • Detailed Revisions

  • Detailed Revisions

  • Detailed Revisions

  • Nike Shox Stunner Retail Colorways via @kicksigma

  • 2002 National Champion Maryland Terrapins via Maryland Athletics

  • Kevin Garnett wearing rubber bands in the NBA Getty Images

  • Kevin Garnett wearing rubber bands in Nike ad

“…what else can we do to add value but in a different way?”

  Aaron on why the “Dream Band” was added

That led to the idea of the “Dream Band”, which Aaron designed himself. The Shox Stunner was Nike’s only shoe to include a band, and each one had to be attached to the strap of the shoes (see below) because packaging them separately and unattached would subject Nike to an additional tax as they were not viewed as part of the sneaker.
The “Dream Band” quickly caught on as a must-have accessory. In basketball pick-up games around the globe, these rubber bracelets were at stake with the victor earning their opponent’s band and wearing them like badges of honor. They were so popular that some customers who bought pairs at retail were missing the bands because the store employees took them for themselves. Off-brand versions of the “Dream Band” started to flood the market. Nike itself would later sell versions of them called Baller Bands. The silicon band trend continued to stay popular that even we at Sneaker News made our own at one point (and we have plenty left).
This is another example of Aaron’s Sponge/Domino/Butterfly principle: a conversation with Kevin Garnett somehow led to one of the biggest hoop trends in basketball lifestyle history. Little did they know that even this major moment in hoops culture was itself a domino for something with a much more significant purpose…

  • Aaron Cooper’s technical drawing for the Dream Band

  • Basketball players wearing the Dream Band

  • Dream Band attached to Shox Stunner strap

  • Retail versions of baller band (L), “Dream” baller band (R) eBay

  • LIVESTRONG wristbands

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