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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke By David Mettoudi

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The Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke Design Experience conjures up an unfamiliar outbreak of emotion that very few moments in ‘sneaker history’ can – and it’s most likely because it’s about more than just the shoes. If you can remember the first time you tried on a pair of kicks you were hell-bent on finding or when you serendipitously stumbled upon one of your holy grails during a random late-night search through eBay, then you might just grasp what David Mettoudi, the designer behind this latest Bespoke project, was feeling before, during, and after his session.

This design started with Mettoudi’s desire for pink, black, and grey, and what resulted was a clean and simple colorway that features a unique alternate color-blocking on the lateral and medial sidewalls of the shoe. Aside from the denim, the material used was a soft stone suede, which was a mutual decision between Mettoudi and Bespoke Design Specialist Iz Mateo. Mettoudi briefly and profoundly describes his session with Mateo as “an experience” and that “sharing the thrill” carries as much significance as the shoes do. We’re glad David had the opportunity to tell his story, and you can script your own Bespoke tale by visiting the Nike Sportswear Bespoke Studio at 21 Mercer in New York City.

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